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Keona M.

5.010/02/2022David and his team did an amazing job so much so I’ve decided to retain his services semi annually. Just to keep the pest away

Kathy K.

5.004/27/2022David is fantastic! We had him come do mouse & rat control the day we closed on our new house because there was evidence of both. He did a full treatment for both with great success. If the first efforts don’t work he returns with fresh ideas to keep working on the problem. We plan to keep working with David each season/year to keep the mice & rats at bay! Can’t recommend more highly!

Keona M.

5.001/04/2022It was flawlessly executed. I haven’t seen a mouse or a bug since they’ve been to my properties. I highly recommend this service

Timothy K.

5.012/12/2021Dave did a great job of getting rid of our seasonal mice infestation. It’s an old house with a porous foundation in a woodsy neighborhood, so we’ll need to see him for regular treatments, but his approach seems to get things under control faster than several other companies we have used. And he is a genius at explaining what he is going to do and why!

Heidi U.

5.005/13/2021I had a carpenter ant infestation in my home and hired Pro-Tec Exterminating LLC to help me get rid of the pests. Dave, the owner, did a terrific job! He was fast, efficient and got the job done. He also has the best price around, and is an all around great guy. I highly recommend Pro-Tec Exterminating! A+++ experience.

Jerry S.

5.004/01/2021It’s always a pleasure welcoming David back to our home. He always goes above and beyond to provide an outstanding service and the result and love for his work its always noticeable. I will recommend his work with my eyes close.

Al J.

5.002/10/2021They were great company. They came in and they did a good job.

guillaume S.

5.002/08/2021It’s always very good. The owner is the one doing the work. The communication was good and he does what he said.

Jack A.

5.002/08/2021I used Pro-tec for my property for the past 5 years and it was excellent. They were very knowledgeable about their job and explained to me why we exterminate and what is it for.

Jowana R.

5.002/08/2021It was great. He’s very responsive and you can reach him through text message.

Dolores B.

5.002/08/2021I’ve been using them for about 4-5 yrs now. They did great job. He was referred to me by a family member, so I reached out to him and he was professional.

Camille B.

5.002/07/2021It was excellent. They were friendly people. They were trustworthy. They were considerate of my pet and garden. They were affordable.

Lawrence T.

5.002/07/2021They were professional and good, They were friendly and easy to work with.

Barbara J.

5.002/07/2021It was great. He came on time. They did a thorough search all of the units, basement, hallway, and the entire building. They were very detailed about it. He answered questions.

Aaron C.

5.002/07/2021They were professional and clean. This company came in and I don’t have any problem with them and I would use this company for good.

Alfredo L.

5.002/07/2021They were the best in business. They were on time and efficient. They knew what their doing. They were very good.

Cornell M.

5.002/07/2021It went perfect. I have no mice problem. They were knowledgeable and explained the process.

Kwami G.

5.002/05/2021He did a good job. He did it in a timely manner. I was happy with the service.

Julio E.

5.002/05/2021They were very good. He knows what he was doing. He was on time. He was professional.

Eshete B.

5.002/05/2021He was alright. He did his work. He came on time.

David A.

5.002/05/2021It was excellent. I’ve been using them for 5-6 years and we use them on a quarterly basis. They did a great service, personable, and they works well with our tenant.

Deepak K.

4.002/05/2021They were consistent. I like their pricing. They were very positive. David was a very good guy. They were very precise and they knew what they’re ****.

Barbara R.

4.002/04/2021I was satisfied with their service. They did the work in my 6-family building for years and they do general exterminating.

Brian connely C.

5.002/04/2021They were very good, very efficient and prompt.

Bob M.

5.002/04/2021They did a very good job and I haven’t seen any mice since. They treat annually and I would highly recommend them as well.